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I Crit You Not

The Terror on Talus

The Terror on Talus is a turn based, dice rolling  RPG epic that introduces a new world of unique characters, themes, and play style



Highly intelligent and spiritual creatures with horns and a tail. They are dedicated to protecting and preserving the balance of the universe. 

+1 Defense, +2 Magic.


Magical beings of medium build and sharp features usually dwelling in secluded forested areas. Sharing a connection to nature, they will do most anything to protect it.

 +1 Charm, +2 Magic. 

Fire Feyl

This cousin of the Feyl has developed a relationship with the lava that flows in their underground habitat, adapting to its heat and harnessing its magical ancient energy. 

+3 Magic. 


Large muscular beings that are fierce warriors keen on protecting their friends and savaging their enemies. Short on brains but long on heart. +3 Attack. 


Stubborn survivalists able to adapt to many environments. Their skills make them able to excel in all roles.

 +1 Attack, +1 Speed, +1 Charm. 


Large cunning reptilian creatures with tough skin and a tough attitude forged from their struggle to integrate into civilized society. 

+1 Attack +2 Defense. 


Small, scrappy, and fun loving, these beings are nomads that live everywhere and nowhere. Traveling entertainers, medics, con-artists, you never know with the Melkin.

 +1 Speed +2 Charm. 


This smaller cousin of the Lizerus has more birdlike features; beak, talons, and sparse feathers on top of the tough reptilian skin. They have used their strong talons to build elegant strongholds in the sides of mountains. +2 Defense, +1 Charm. 

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