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New Family Rate

Join the Back Together Family to get your family's backs together. All you have to do is refer a friend or family member to BTFM then you and them will be locked in at our family rate (50% off) for the next year! Simple!

30 Minute Massage

Trigger point work


1 Hour Massage

Customized Massage


90 Minute Massage

Customized Massage


2 Hour Massage

Customized Massage




Hot Towels and fragrant oils for ultimate relaxation

+ $25

Hot Stone Add-On

 Hot Stones and Towels will melt away all your stress


About Nate Sloan L.M.T. / owner

I have been a massage therapist for 7 years performing 6000+ hours of massage and 50+ hours of side lying  prenatal massages. I live for getting rid of knots in muscles and can proudly customize the pressure to make your massage perfect! My wife and I are licensed foster parents so my schedule can get pretty crazy. Family comes first for me so I book my schedule around the needs of my wife and kids.

Massage Treatment Room

Currently remodeling to make my place more aesthetically pleasing. Added a towel warmer to provide hot towel loveliness to aromatherapy appointments.

I have seen many massage therapists once and then tried another and another because they were not great at what they do. N8 is GR8 at what he does. I am so glad that I found him and now have a consistent massage therapist that knows how to help me feel better. Every massage is different based on what I say is bothering me or what Nate intuitively figures out.

Doug B. - massage client

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